Weta ~ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: White Council Chamber


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Weta ~ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: White Council Chamber

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At the lip of a waterfall with breathtaking views over the hidden valley to the east stands an airy dome of carved stone. A roof of delicately interlaced stone tracery perches atop twenty-four elegant carved pillars, each gently entwined by snaking vines. In the centre sat a broad, flat table around which Rivendell’s Lord Elrond played host to members of the White Council

In this chamber, with the roar of the waterfall underlining the gravity of their discourse and the stars overhead, a gathering of wise Elf Lords and members of the Order of Wizards convenes to debate whisper of the return of their ancient enemy. Saruman the White, leader of the council and greatest of the Istari, casts doubt upon the signs and evidence brought before them by his fellow Wizard, Gandalf the Grey, but standing with Gandalf at the break of dawn, the Lady Galadriel of Lórien reassures her long-time friend of the esteem and trust with which she regards him

Beneath the pale stone arch and as the first light of day sets her hair ablaze with shining gold, she promises to be at his side when needed most

Weta is very proud to announce the first collectible environment from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Weta’s legacy of finely crafted miniatures from Middle-earth continues with this iconic piece from the first movie

The White Council Chamber environment from the World Famous and Award Winning Weta Workshop  is based on the set featured in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and built by a team of the same artists and craftsmen that work on our movies, led by Senior Model maker David Tremont and Leonard Ellis

The piece features a removable domed roof that allows a peek into Elrond’s chamber


12.5 x 13.0 x 13.0cm

4.9″ x 5.1″ x 5.1″

This environment is highly collectable and make a fantastic addition to any Hobbit Collection, both fans and collectors are enthusiastic, to own one, so ensure that this environment is yours to keep and cherish

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